Months ago, I saw Johanna’s flyer at a local tea shop and immediately sensed that I must reach out to her — that perhaps she was the person I’d been waiting to find. I’d been seeking support for the physical healing of an autoimmune condition, and she came into my life at just the right time.  Johanna is the sweetest, purest soul and her ability to hold space for the many emotions passing through me as well as to direct and transfer healing energy is unparalleled. I immediately felt comfortable with her and felt safer and more open with her than I’ve ever felt with a therapist or energy worker before. The love in her touch and in the way she speaks to me has shown me how to more deeply love myself. I also appreciated how flexible she is with her sessions — no one session was exactly the same. Sometimes we talked quite a bit. Sometimes things were more quiet as the attention went to her voice and her touch. There are such a variety of ways to heal oneself, and her ability to sense what’s necessary and to drop into that space is rare. My healing journey has continued to deepen with her support. I treasure Johanna as both a healer and now, a friend. I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with her in this life.”
Johanna is truly an artist of Reiki, sound and energy attunement. Her calm and intuitive self offers a peaceful, beautiful, and renewing session, where you will leave lighter and better than when you arrived.
Johanna, you’re such a loving soul and my session with you allowed me to wash away my stress and provided me with energy and happiness. Your energy and intuition are really amazing and I feel much better after our session.