Nature knows how to heal itself, and You are Nature.

I offer all my healing services on a need-based sliding scale. If you can’t afford the suggested amounts listed below, please let me know what is manageable for you. If you can easily afford to pay more than the suggested amount, your generosity makes it possible for me to accommodate those in need.


Reiki is an energy healing modality that works with the universal life force (Ki) to restore harmony and balance to body, mind and spirit. Receiving this healing energy can gently melt away physical tension and clear energetic blockages while stimulating positive spiritual growth and transformation.

I am a certified Level III Reiki Master-Teacher in the Usui tradition. The non-invasive, purely benevolent, love-based principles of Reiki are the foundation for all my healing practices. As a sound healer, I often intuitively incorporate the resonance of my voice as a complimentary method of moving energy during sessions.

Reiki can be effectively conducted in person or at a distance. In a remote session, we choose a time for you to relax or meditate while I send light your way. Any psychic information that I may receive during our session, I will transmit to you in whatever form you desire – a phone call, email, or handwritten letter.

$120 / 60 min  

HERBAL TASSEOMANCY (Tea Leaf Divination)

Tasseomancy, a traditional style of fortune telling, is the art of interpreting patterns and symbols created by plant matter (traditionally, tea leaves or coffee grounds) at the bottom of a cup. My unique adaptation of this divinatory art combines classical tasseomancy with herbalism and Reiki, working with carefully selected herbal allies that I have grown in my garden with reverence and intention, inviting the healing wisdom of Nature to guide my tongue, to help you step into your highest alignment in integrity with the healing of the Earth.

 $120 / 60 min


The throat is the bridge that connects the heart and the mind. Many of us experience major energetic blockages in our throat, as we were conditioned by a society that taught us to raise our hand in class, speak when spoken to, use our inside voices, etc. Many of us experienced early childhood traumas that left us feeling terrified to express ourselves and speak our truth.

The human voice is a versatile and powerful tool, yet most of us never even begin to explore its potential. Just as cats purr at sonic frequencies that have been proven to help their bodies heal, I believe we, too have the ability to heal and transform physical reality with the vibration of our voices.

While my voice lessons do incorporate some technical exercises to expand your range and improve the resonance and tone of your singing voice, my teachings mostly focus on harnessing the power of the voice as a self-healing tool to move energy within our bodies.

$120 / 60 min


Marking our bodies with symbols can be a very powerful magical act. Creating a design that is charged with intention is an important part of this process. I am a skilled and versatile visual artist, and it is an honor to collaborate with you to design a custom tattoo that is meaningful and healing.

Energy exchange: Dependent on size and complexity of design


Are you interested in developing a magical/spiritual practice, but unsure where to begin? Are you struggling to feel like life is meaningful, or to find your purpose and passion? Do you have questions about healing, herbalism, magic, witchcraft, faeries, dream work… or simply how to live a more heart-centered life and step into your power as a creative being? I would be honored to lend my intuitive gifts and a lifetime of hard-earned practical knowledge to help you clarify your unique path and step into your highest excitement. Everyone has a divine purpose, everyone can be of service in the healing of our planet, and everyone can benefit from establishing a healthy spiritual life on their own terms.

I’m also available for musical mentorship on songwriting, DIY tour booking, self-releasing independent music, and staying healthy and centered while living a life on the road :)

$120/60 min