Selected Press

"A minutely examined and revelatory emotional upheaval, a view of a failed romance sung with meditative grace" - The New York Times

"Heartbreaking and stirring" - Pitchfork

"The spirit that animates much of Warren's music and philosophy [is] an enduring belief that we can be better, despite the hurt and despair we put each other and ourselves through." - NPR

One of "Four Singer-Songwriters You Need to Know" - Rolling Stone Magazine

“A luminous folk fantasia”- Stereogum

"Like the moon and stars in the sky that never fail to impress with their brightness no matter how well we have their movements mapped out, Warren’s music has the power to also shine through predictability” - Paste

 “Like [Elliott] Smith, she’s interested in the depths of human relationships and the forces that can poison them unseen. She doesn’t lament the dissolution of romances and friendships, but attacks it like a puzzle.” –Consequence of Sound

“…hauntingly sorrowful and beautifully optimistic” – Guild Guitars

“Perfect for woodland wanderings, summer storms, or midnight crystal scrying.perfect for woodland wanderings, summer storms, or midnight crystal scrying.” – Pam Grossman, Phantasmaphile

“More than an average ‘singer-songwriter’ turning out pretty by-the-numbers folk tunes, her music is sparse and complex all at once and her words are often colored with deeply vivid spiritual and mystical imagery”- The 405

“It is clear that for Warren the act of creativity and spiritual healing are one and the same, and if that’s the case then nūmūn, an album as bewitching as it is ambitious, is certainly good for what ails you.” –Folk Radio UK

“Rich in sensual language and meditative honesty” –Impose Magazine

 “…like thin white drapes letting dusty sun rays beam through.” –CMJ